There is a new tab available in your back office— “My SEO”!


One of our company’s strongest features is natural referencing— also known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 80% of our website visitors come from natural referencing. That’s great news since the average person conducts 3-4 searches every single day.


How is SEO relevant to me and my stand?


It’s important for you and your online stand since we use SEO to naturally reference your products, catalogs, and News and Trends. This allows for as much online traffic as possible to come to your stand.


Let’s discover your SEO through your stand

In your back office, you’ll find a section called “My Seo”. Here, you’ll find three sections:

  • Strategic keywords
  • Indexed pages
  • Backlinks


These are here to help you optimize the way buyers find your products on your stand as well as your website.


Strategic Keywords

Here you’ll find the position of a sample of your most strategic keywords on the first page of Google search results. These keywords are identified by Google robots and will be referenced first. They are mainly redirected to a search results page where your brand’s products are visible among others. The strategic keywords table reports all combinations of 2-3 words that are linked to your products and that Google highlights in its first page with a link to DirectIndustry. We report it in our 5 main languages.


Want to optimize your strategic keywords referencing? You can work on the product definitions on your stand by adding additional characteristics and diversifying your product keywords. This will boost your SEO as well as make your product more understandable and unique to buyers.

Remember, these strategic keywords generate an average of 30% of traffic to your stand.


Indexed Pages

These pages refer to product searches made by online users that contain 4-7 keywords called “long-tail” searches. Google indexes all the pages of your DirectIndustry stand and favors them when a potential buyer makes a “long-tail” search. As a result, it’s the main source of traffic to your stand.

All the content that you have on your stand (product descriptions, catalogs, News & Trends, photos and videos, company description) is submitted to Google in our 9 languages and almost all of them are accepted and indexed. This brings an average of 65% traffic to your stand.

Our strategy is adapted to languages for each search engine and market: Google + Bing (9 languages), Baidu (English and Chinese) and Yandex (Russian)! This increases your international online visibility in languages that you may not have on your website and for which you do not attract buyers in those markets.



The more content you add, the better! You can add new content to your products, catalogs, News & Trends, photos, videos, and a company description section to increase your SEO. The richer your content, the higher your positioning in Google with a click-through to your stand.



We have created thousands of backlinks from your online stand on DirectIndustry through to your website. We organize these links to favor click-throughs on the right pages of your website when people are searching for additional information on your stand. Among these backlinks, we have activated 9 of them to increase the SEO of your website. There are few, but they are very powerful. They can increase the position of your website on Google when searching for your product keywords.

This is also linked to the Domain Authority of DirectIndustry regarding the Domain Authority of your website. If DirectIndustry gets a stronger Domain Authority, it has an even more positive impact on the SEO of your website.



Add new content to your stand. For each new product, catalog, or News & Trends item, we create a backlink to your website.


Now, you learned a little more about how to manage and improve your SEO so that buyers can easily find your products in the top search results and how you can improve your visibility on search engines for buyers who are searching for your products!
Don’t wait any longer, start exploring your “My Seo” section in your back office.