Many of you may be working from home at the moment due to the current worldwide pandemic of COVID-19. If you are working from home, consider yourself fortunate enough to possibly continue your business!


We know that many businesses are facing unexpected challenges including keeping in touch with customers in the B2B sector, so we wanted to share a few things you can do now to get ahead of these challenges and stay connected.


Despite the fact that COVID-19 has impacted many businesses, we reassure you that DirectIndustry’s online traffic has remained unchanged. Every 30 seconds, DirectIndustry’s website registers 1 request!


Many people— potential B2B buyers— are connected digitally now more than ever. This is THE moment to test digital marketing tools to enhance your strategy or just drive your business goals to the next level.


We strongly believe this is a good time to take action and improve the content of your stand on DirectIndustry, which will, in turn, improve your brand visibility and lead generation.


We’re here to share information about our additional services as well as important suggestions to guide you through keeping your business stronger than ever with DirectIndustry during these difficult times.



While you’re working from home, you can now take the time to improve your stand via your back office. A regularly updated website page is a guarantee of quality and freshness of content for Google— which is optimal for your SEO. Update your News and Trends with projects your brand is involved in. Refresh your About section to let potential B2B buyers who visit your page know a little more about your company and products. Add new products and descriptions with keywords and details to your stand for buyers to easily find in their search and then, browse. Read more about SEO and your stand in our previous article.


How can I take my business further with DirectIndustry during this time?


You can continue gaining visibility with DirectIndustry during a time when everyone is at home and almost everyone is doing the same thing: browsing online.



We cannot deny that online advertising is pretty effective, especially when so many people are confined at home and with an internet connection. A great way to advertise is with images. A good banner with a strong image, short but descriptive text, and a button with an attractive call to action can go a long way. There are many different banners you can use for your marketing strategy. The most popular ones at DirectIndustry are our marketplace banners, e-magazine banners, and newsletter banners. Use these to continue promoting your products and series with us.


With everyone connected on their smartphones, it’s easier than ever to target potential buyers online— especially through storytelling. This strategically combines fact with story to visually illustrate and communicate your desired message to your desired audience.


An effective way to do storytelling is through social media. Whether it’s to advertise a product directly on Facebook or Instagram or simply grow your brand’s business online, social media is a great way to sell and engage with audiences worldwide. It helps you expand your brand awareness by sharing appealing stories to your audience. Check out how DirectIndustry uses social media to really drive brand awareness and story-telling around our clients’ brands and products.


Another way to use storytelling to connect with audiences is through sponsored content. Any time you see a piece of content preceded by or followed by phrases like “sponsored by”, “presented by”, “promoted by” “presented with”, etc, it means that a brand has paid money to get it in front of the eyes of an audience. Because the sponsored content is actually relevant to the audience based on the context around it, it is easily accepted, absorbed, and gives credibility to your brand. This creates trust between you and your audience.


You can have the opportunity to create your own sponsored content with DirectIndustry. We offer sponsored articles in our successful, innovative e-magazine created by professional journalists for an international base of subscribers who are professionals, leaders, and opinion-makers in your industry. A sponsored article is a permanent, full-page article that includes visuals, video, hyperlinks, and public tracking indicators. It provides an opportunity for B2B brands to inspire potential buyers who are already interested in similar content.


The advantage of a sponsored article in DirectIndustry’s e-magazine, is that it adds to the reader’s experience, instead of interrupting it. It goes beyond standard advertising by fully engaging readers with your brand or product’s story.


Learn more about sponsored articles in DirectIndustry’s e-magazine here.


Get directly in the inboxes of the potential buyers that interest you! How? By creating a customized email sent only to active buyers in your specific category and market.


Get more engagement by inciting your target audience with a catchy call to action, a button connected to your marketing message that brings the reader to perform a desired action as simple as visiting your website, learning more about a product/series, or filling out a contact form.


DirectIndustry has its own targeted email service to help you generate quality leads online all while carrying your brand’s image and message to a carefully selected list of contacts that you can later keep to recontact on your own!

You have no more excuses, don’t wait any longer to continue your business online! Learn more about how you can start working with us and digitally continue your business with DirectIndustry— even from home!