The food processing industry is continuously growing. To give you an idea, the agri-food sector, in the last report by the Food and Agriculture Organization, the export and import values of food were the following for continents such as Europe and the Americas:


(source: Ministry of Agriculture and Food (2016) (billion USD) )


Therefore, we have created a completely new section on DirectIndustry that is exclusively dedicated to this area of activity. This allows buyers to easily compare products, connect with suppliers and eventually buy the right food processing equipment they need.


Under this section you can find:

  • Meat processing equipment
  • Fish processing equipment
  • Fruit & Vegetable processing equipment
  • Other Food Machinery


What kinds of products does this include?

You can discover equipment for cleaning and washing, peeling, cutting, cooking and heat treatment, and more.


Appetite for more?

By the end of this year we will also add categories covering:
Diary, Dough & Pasta, Pastry & Bakery and Drink Processing Machinery


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