The VirtualExpo Group was born in Marseilles, France 20 years ago. Corentin Thiercelin founded the idea of the “online exhibition” based on a simple wish to help professionals find information faster and get in touch with manufacturers. Today, thanks to its success, the VirtualExpo Group now has 6 websites: DirectIndustry, NauticExpo, ArchiExpo, MedicalExpo, AeroExpo, and AgriExpo.


B2B buyers’ expectations are constantly evolving: they not only want to find information online, but they also want to PURCHASE online! This is why we are launching our marketplaces: in order to meet their needs.


To ensure that you make the most of these new marketplaces and benefit from them fully, both your stand and back office are undergoing fundamental evolutions.


Here are the major upcoming new developments:


  • A *NEW* PRODUCT COMPARISON TOOL that allows the buyer to make the best purchasing decision and send targeted requests to the right supplier.



  • A FULLY E-COMMERCE ORIENTED STAND which gives the buyer even more confidence and tools so they don’t have to search or ask for information on their own.


The updated stand will highlight:

– the closest seller;
– the price/price list;
– up to 4 local distributors;
– product information.

This means buttons will change to highlight your advantages as a supplier in order to be more transparent and clear for the buyer’s requirements. This will guarantee the quality of requests!


  • A MORE VISIBLE PRICE LIST + PRICES that will reassure buyers and secure your sales. However, you have full control over which product lines you want to communicate prices for versus the ones you would rather give a customized quotation for.


Price options include:

– Price range
– Starting price
– Price per unit of measurement
– New currencies
– Geographical zone price list

As a result, you will have improved product credibility in the eye of buyers, better-qualified requests, and more importantly, you will save time when dealing with buyers!


  • REAL BUYER FEEDBACK to help you become the top choice for buyers. This rating system is based upon the quality of interaction the buyer has had with you. A survey is sent out to the buyer 5 days after their request in order to learn more about their experience with you.


  • ONLINE PAYMENT is a key and essential element to our marketplaces. A secure payment method on our sites will allow the buyer to complete their purchasing journey up until the final transaction. Online payment is available once the seller activates the payment and has an active seller account on DirectIndustry. All transactions and orders will be sent with a confirmation email to both parties and a “Details of my orders” page will be available to show the status of orders including a list of validations and payments.


All of these new marketplace features will help make your sales online easier, faster, and overall, better. We’ll be accompanying you every step of the way.


Stay tuned for more marketplace feature articles with detailed updates about these additions.