November is over and despite the current state of the world, it’s been quite a busy month! DirectIndustry Insights has the latest trends and information in the industry as well as upcoming virtual events! Read on to learn more.


SPS Connect 2020: “Nothing Can Replace Real and Live Contact”

SPS, the smart and digital automation fair that takes place every year in Germany (Nuremberg) is going virtual this year due to the pandemic. We discussed with Sylke Schulz-Metzner, Vice President SPS Mesago Messe Frankfurt GmbH about how the German fair is facing the situation. Learn more here.


IBM’s Supercomputer Summit to Crack the COVID-19 Code

Since March, Summit, IBM‘s high-powered computer, has been helping medical scientists decode the virus in a bid to defeat it. Today, it is delivering new insights into COVID-19 symptoms and treatments. Read about the developments.


Virgin Hyperloop: First Test Trip With Passengers Successfully Completed

Virgin Hyperloop has successfully completed the first passenger test of its “Hyperloop-One” supersonic train. This is a very concrete step forward for this technology that could revolutionize the transportation sector. Get the details on this huge accomplishment.


The Chinese Railway Industry: Full Steam Ahead

INSIGHTS | The railway industry is emblematic of China’s global ambitions. While gigantism and the support of a huge domestic market are two keys to China’s power, the race to innovate is an essential component of its strategy. Discover more about this Chinese Railway Industry.


How Robots Became Essential in Responding to COVID-19

It is a clear fact: automation technologies have proven their efficiency during this pandemic. Whether in hospitals, public spaces or the factory, robots have revealed their worth. Let’s take a tour of the different innovations that have been developed to respond to COVID-19. Read more.


STUDY. When IoT Technology Helps French Healthcare Workers

France has withstood the first wave of the coronavirus, but the second wave is likely to be longer. Healthcare professionals are losing a lot of time on administrative tasks because of unsuitable IT systems, particularly due to the under-use of connected objects. The first wave has forced some organisations to adopt new technologies, but there is still a long way to go to free healthcare staff from these constraints and allow them to work more effectively. Find out how.


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