For B2B online, trust is everything. How can you give buyers the confidence to contact you and furthermore, actually buy from you? It’s no secret that having online seller ratings is the best, fastest, and the most efficient way to build trust between a seller and a buyer.




By giving buyers the opportunity to review sellers (you and your distribution network) with a star-rating system, you get to see real feedback on your reactivity, your service, and overall interaction with buyers.




We will ask the buyers who contacted you or your distribution network if they were satisfied with the rapidity and quality of the response provided by you and your teams.


Buyers will rate their experience with you based on the speed and relevance of your response.


Since a typical buyer will most likely send the same request to several manufacturers at a time, the speed and quality of your reply will greatly influence their eventual choice of supplier. The star-rating enables you to evaluate the handling of requests by your sales network and make improvements if necessary.


In other words, this is YOUR chance to build your reputation as a TRUSTED SELLER! It’s also a way to monitor your distributor network performance.


The buyer will rate you based on a star-rating system such as the following:

  • 1 star = “Poor”
  • 2 stars = “Insufficient”
  • 3 stars = “Fair”
  • 4 stars = “Good”
  • 5 stars = “Excellent”




Knowing and understanding why ratings are important is only the first step. The next step is actually participating!


Ready to embrace your ratings? We’ve created a guide to give you practical steps on how to improve and protect your seller ratings. The guide can be shared with your distributor network or sales team.


Speak or work in more than one language? Our guide is available in 6 languages!


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