In this month’s edition, we focus on fully self-driving vehicles and the growing sense of remaining hurdles that need to be overcome by driverless tech developers.


We interviewed Luis Le Moyne, a specialist in autonomous and electric vehicles and Director at the French Institut Supérieur de l’Automobile et des Transports to find out why France is late to the electric car game.


Read more about artificial intelligence and how AI French company Deepomatic will create an “augmented worker.” And…your shopping habits are about to change! New trends are shaking up the retail sector. From hands-free voice commerce from home to pop-up stores, discover how you will shop in the future.


We’ve got some Opinion-Editorials for you too! Check out “Cybersecurity: What Awaits the Industrial Sector in 2019” and “A New Era for Labeling: Digital Transformation at Work


All this and so much more in the latest issue!