Will COVID-19 lead to more automation?

Is automation helping manufacturing companies cope with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic? Will the current situation have longer term implications for how industry utilizes relevant technologies? Could the pandemic accelerate the digitization and automation of industry? Mike Loughran, chief technology officer for the UK and Ireland at Rockwell Automation answers our questions. Check out the interview.


How Tech Companies imagine the Post-COVID-19 workplace

The Coronavirus crisis is not over yet, but tech companies have been rapidly vying with each other in ingenuity to offer innovative solutions that assist businesses and ensure a return to work in the best possible health conditions. From new physical distancing monitoring systems to intelligent access portals and health trackers, welcome to your new office! Learn More.


Businesses are starting to reshore Their manufacturing in the US

The Coronavirus crisis has revealed how fragile the global supply chain is and how crucial it has become to rethink parts sourcing and production strategies. In the United States, a significant number of businesses are now nearshoring or reshoring their manufacturing. An example is VCC, an American electronic components manufacturer. Discover more.


Advancing automation revolutionizes the industrial workplace

Today, as robotic systems become smarter, cheaper and more flexible – driven by trends in simplification, collaboration and digitalization – they are becoming indispensable across a wide range of industrial sectors. Get more details here.


Towards Pandemic-proof Cities

As we look ahead to an increasingly disease-prone world, smart solutions could mitigate the risks for urban residents. Learn how smart technology can help governments better anticipate effect of pandemic-related policy on the economy and society.


Automation serving humanitarian aid

Edesia Nutrition is a non-profit organization that manufactures ready-to-use therapeutic foods for vulnerable populations. Thanks to the implementation of advanced manufacturing technology, they were able to triple their output and reach more malnourished people. Discover how technology can support non-profit organizations.


Universal Robots: “Cobots are shifting the focus of industry in General”

Esben Hallundbæk Østergaard, co-founder of Universal Robots, gives his insights into 20 years of innovations in robotics, including the birth of cobotics, which his company very much encouraged. Read the interview.


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