We take our time to carefully compose the products displayed on our sites. In fact, when it comes to the search results on our pages, we work with keywords and controlled number of products that appear in our search results to decide which products get highlighted in each new search for potential buyers.

When a potential buyer searches on one of our sites, he or she types one or more keywords or performs an advanced search with our search filters.

Automatically, your products are linked to one or more keywords. Besides that, your products in our search results are displayed 3 products at a time per brand per page along with other brands with the same number of products displayed.

That means you have 3 of your products displayed in the search results— 3 times more likely to bring a visitor to your stand and close a sale! Plus, you decide which of your products get highlighted and in what order.


Because we believe in quality over quantity. We want to give users the best experience by offering them diverse results from diverse brands. We also believe in being fair to all brands by giving them visibility and the opportunity to have their products appear in the search results and not overshadowed by a company with more products to display.

We hope this made sense to you. If you’re still confused, that means we didn’t do our job. At least we tried! You can always contact your account manager for info.