A new season brings new changes. Starting on November 13, 2018, our product newsletters are getting a slightly different (but still attractive) look.

As always, this update was made with your best interest in mind. We are always working to improve your reader experience and also provide you with relevant and interesting information.

Now, let us walk you through the newsletter changes!




We are introducing “We Recommend”, a non-commercial space where our company experts choose their top favorite projects, products, prototypes, or events of the moment! You can find “We Recommend” at the top of the newsletter, right below the advertising banner. Every once in a while, we will highlight your company’s latest projects, products, prototypes, or events? “We Recommend” accepts submissions — all you have to do is upload it onto the “News & Trends” section. The submissions are then reviewed by our team and selected for an upcoming newsletter.




News & Trends is giving better visibility to your projects and your company’s latest activity in your industry. How? News & Trends will now feature one high-quality photo of the latest news and trends in your sector. Projects will also now feature only one image with a spotlight on industry projects of the moment chosen by our team. The “Projects” format will be format placed higher, increasing visibility.




We really want to value the advancements in your sector. If your submission is considered in neither “We Recommend” nor News & Trends but you’re still interested in highlighting your projects or news and trends, there are spaces where you can do this. To purchase an advertising space, please contact your account manager.

We’re excited for you to see the new and improved newsletters!


Check out a preview just below!