We’ve been working on some major user experience updates and changes. As part of these updates, we’re happy to announce that our latest contact page is now available! This page optimizes the user experience for our different types of website visitors who come to our sites with specific inquiries or goals in mind.


You can find the contact page in our updated footer at the bottom of the page:



A potential buyer, future client, distributor, or simply just a new website visitor, can easily get to the right place, find the right info, or contact us directly to find what they’re looking for.


The contact page also includes an “I am a distributor” button that redirects interested and potential distributors to a new page dedicated to them. Distributors, including yours, can reach out to us with a form to join our distributor network to get started working with us! The distributor page also includes satisfied and successful testimonials from distributors that work with us.



It’s important for us to satisfy all of our website visitors by giving them the best online experience possible.


Explore the new contact page