April was a long month, filled with lots of movement and activity and industry news. DirectIndustry E-Magazine has the latest stories to keep you up to date and informed.


“Fake Cities” Help Automakers Refine Driverless Car Technology
Self-driving vehicles promise to reshape the way we travel and the environment we travel in. But before we see such vehicles in widespread use on our streets, manufacturers need to prove they are safe. Learn more about these “fake cities”.


Does the Future of Cars Lie in Hydrogen?
DirectIndustry talked to two car manufacturers, Toyota and BMW, to find out if hydrogen-fueled vehicles are the future for the automotive industry. Find out more.


Back to Work: How Can Technology Ensure Hygiene in the Workplace?
What will offices and factories look like in the post-pandemic era? As people go back to work, companies will need to consider how to avoid the spread of germs between employees. Here is a selection of devices, equipment, and PPE to ensure hygiene in the workplace.


2000-2020: 20 Years of Innovations in Industrial Automation
On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of DirectIndustry, we are celebrating 20 years of industrial innovations by giving the floor to the players that brought these innovations to life. In this interview, Sylke Schulz-Metzner, Vice President SPS Mesago Messe, gives her insights into 20 years of industrial automation.


Disinfection Robots Against COVID-19
Robots using different technologies are being deployed on the frontline in the fight against COVID-19. Among these robots, the disinfection robots are of particular interest. Learn more.


Social Distancing Insufficient Against COVID-19
Ansys has just released a series of studies including a simulation of the spread of droplets that can pass on the virus. Their digital models show that social distancing measures are insufficient in order to be truly effective. Find out why. And while you are on the subject of COVID-19, learn how to choose the right protection gloves against the virus.


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