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“Robot”is 100 Years Old

The year 2020 marks the 100th anniversary of Czech writer Karel Čapek’s groundbreaking science fiction play “R.U.R.” (Rossum’s Universal Robots) in which the word “robot” was used for the very first time. Robots have come a long way since 1920 and this year, they have proven their worth in responding to COVID-19 whether in hospitals or in the factory. Explore 100 years of robotics in our series of articles.


How Robots Became Essential in Responding to COVID-19

Discover how robots have proven their efficiency during this pandemic. Whether in hospitals, public spaces or the factory. Learn more.


Drone Maker Percepto Integrates With Boston Dynamics’ Spot

Drone manufacturer Percepto announced it had raised $45 million for its autonomous inspection solution that can also integrate with Boston Dynamics‘ four-legged robot Spot. Read more.


Looking For a Christmas Gift? Offer a Subscription to the China Industrial Monitor by our Partner DCA

Frequently quoted in the international press, The China Industrial Monitor is a reliable source of information that covers several sectors, including the aeronautic, automotive, energy and logistics industries. Click here to get your free copy!


The List of Trade Shows Postponed and Canceled in 2021

In this article, we indicate the trade shows that will or will not take place in 2021. This list will be updated as announcements are made.


20 Years of Drone Technology

Olivier Mondon, Communication Manager at DJI, gives his insights into 20 years of innovations in the drone industry. Read the interview.


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