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Focus on the Medical Industry
From telepresence robots to a smart system for the remote control of ventilators, discover how medical players are vying with each other with ingenuity in order to offer innovative solutions against COVID-19.


A Robotic System Enables Remote Control of Ventilators
Researchers at Johns Hopkins University have developed a robotic system that enables remote control of ventilators and other medical equipment. Learn more about this innovative system.


Cyberattacks Struck the Healthcare Sector
In the US, a ransomware attack has struck a major hospital chain while in Germany, a patient died after the hospital was hacked. Read how the healthcare sector is subject to cyberattacks.


COVID-19: New Tech Boosts Public Safety
New technology has come to the fore to maximize public hygiene and safety as the threat from COVID-19 continues to intensify around the world. Read more here.


7 Questions to Understand 5G
Telecom operators and equipment manufacturers claim that 5G will enable a significant increase in throughput and new uses, from connected cities and machine-to-machine communication to autonomous cars. Get a deeper understanding of 5G.


Electric Vehicles: Aiming for the Pole Position
While China has been the world’s top car manufacturer since 2010, the majority of its vehicles are manufactured by foreign brands. The government has therefore decided to change its strategy for electric vehicles. Here is China’s next step to a complete automotive industry including infrastructure, batteries, and vehicles.


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