2020 is almost over (thank goodness!!) and 2021 is approaching. Our teams have worked hard to create a new editorial calendar for our e-magazine filled with plenty of benefits for you and your business!


What can you discover?


Advertise in distinctive content displaying your branding in static visuals (Animated gif / video possible).


Sponsored Articles
A sponsored article in our e-magazine is a permanent, full-page article that includes visuals, video, hyperlinks, and public tracking indicators. It provides an opportunity for B2B brands to inspire potential buyers who are already interested in similar content. Because the sponsored article is actually relevant to the audience based on the context around it, it is easily accepted, absorbed, and gives credibility to your brand. This creates trust between you and your audience.

The advantage of a sponsored article in the e-magazine, is that it adds to the reader’s experience, instead of interrupting it. It goes beyond standard advertising by fully engaging readers with your brand or product’s story.


Vignettes include a visual (moving gif possible), logo, and a brief text that incites readers to discover your story. They can link to a sponsored article in the e-magazine or to an external web page. Two types are available:

  • SKYSCRAPER : 300 X 600 px
  • CUBE : 300 X 300 px


Making a reservation in the e-magazine
To ensure freshness and editorial independence, spaces are limited. For the Skyscraper and Cubes, positions are accorded on a first-come-first-served basis. Advance reservations are recommended.

Learn more about our new advertising spaces in ArchiExpo’s e-magazine by exploring the media kit.


See our editorial calendar for the dates and themes, and ask your account manager for availability.


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