Did you know?

Buyers on our website can receive and compare quotations for free!


1. What is a request for quotation?

A request for quotation is a standard business process whose purpose is to invite suppliers into a bidding process to bid on specific products or services.*


2. What is a request for quotation based on DirectIndustry?

We use seller ratings to match requests for quotations to you.
The higher your ratings, the higher your chances of getting selected for a request for quotation. We use the following criteria for selection:

  • The quality of the responses you give to your buyers
  • The timing of your responses
  • The comments and reviews you receive from your buyers

Take your ratings to the next level and improve your chances of being selected for a request for quotation— check out our tips to get the best seller ratings!


3. How does this service benefit you?

As always, we are thinking of your leads. Our request for quotation system will allow for more refined leads according to proximity and project description, without you doing anything. You can boost your chances of being matched for a request for quotation.

Just make sure that your sales network is up to date with the correct geographic zone.

If you’re matched with a request for quotation, give a quality response in a reasonable amount of time. This can improve your ratings!


4. How does a request for quotation work on our website?

Buyers can take advantage of our supplier network and complete their purchasing projects by using our “Free quotation comparison tool”.

Some buyers on our websites have projects in mind but don’t know where to begin or what products to consult. Or perhaps they know what type of products they are interested in, but don’t know which exact product can correspond to their needs. When those buyers are in the middle of a product search on our website, they’ll see a pop-in on the left side of the page:


Step 1: Buyers click on it and are taken to an information form to fill out. The form asks a brief description of the timing of the project, the budget, the location, as well as the contact info.


Step 2: Our team of experts then look at the details of the buyer’s request for quotation and matches it to a manufacturer according to description and geographic location.


Step 3: The manufacturer(s) then gets in touch with the buyer and potentially sends them a quotation.


Step 4: Buyers can compare quotations to complete their purchase and contact the manufacturers they are interested in.


Good luck and happy matching!



*Source: Wikipedia